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Welcome to The Advanced Composites Group

The Advanced Composites Group offers a heating system for use in all areas of composites. From general industry to aerospace, high volume production to a single product, simple shapes or high complexity, low temperature or high wattage our heaters are capable of delivering the right amount of heat where you want it. 

We design and build heaters to embed within the laminates of a composite or adhere to both metal and composites. By using CAD design and CNC automation we can reliably build a heater that is cost-effective, easy to integrate and works as designed. Our heaters are built to comply with NEC, OSHA, and other regulatory bodies while a line of our heaters approved by UL as a Recognized Component.

Product Benefits

We are the only heating system designed from the very beginning to fully integrate within a composite laminate. The importance of a composite laminate maintaining its structural integrity is a must for any builder. Our heaters are built using the same materials as your finished product to ensure the highest possible level of integration not available anywhere else. Wether your product or molds are made of fiberglass, carbon fiber, Kevlar and use epoxy, polyester, vinyl ester urethane or most other materials we can build a heater to fit your application.

Industries & Applications

O ur unique heating technology can be used in a variety of industries and applications. The Advanced Composites Group has developed versatile heating technology that can be used in heated molds as well as heated products. With our UL approval, this technology can be used in a variety of internally heated end products such as heated fiberglass. Our molding technology allows the manufacturing process to be more efficient and in turn more cost effective. The heating technology can be used in carbon composite and metal molds and allow products to be created faster.

The flexibility of our heater design opens the door for use in all areas of composites. From molds to the finished parts that come off the mold, our heaters allow you to speed up production and produce heated finished products for sale that have never been made. We build heaters that range in size from 1 sq/inch to over 50 sq/feet in size. Each heater can be custom tailored from less than 1 watt per square inch to more than 25 watts per square inch. Resin systems such as epoxies, poly/vinyl esters, urethanes and etc. can be used to generate heat. With such a wide array of capabilities, we can build heaters to fit an application in aerospace, transportation, architecture, and many other industries.