T he Advanced Composites Group builds and develops heaters for nearly all composite applications. Our approach allows our heaters a higher standard of compatibility and integration within a composite laminates or attached. In addition to embedding inside a composite product, our heaters are capable of adhering to existing composite and metal products. Our unique approach to heater construction is what makes our product the best on the market. We utilize the same or similar resins used for construction of your original composite products. Our electrodes are made of aerospace lightning strike material to allow for maximum bonding within the laminate. Relying on a long history of use in composite laminates, the expanded metal is an effective electrical conductor for the heater and reliably integrates within a composite laminate. The heater substrate is a 7781-fiberglass weave that is common with aerospace composite construction.

Our flexibility in design allows us to alter the heater construction to specifically suit your needs . We are capable of using your resin system as a heating element. We can also change substrates to match your engineering requirements. Contact us with your specific needs to see how The Advanced Composites Group can fulfill them.

We are capable of building one-off heaters for a single purpose or supplying heaters for large volume requirements. Our heaters are produced with compliance to NEC, UL and OSHA standards


Heated Molds

Aero Heated Products

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Custom Heaters for Aerospace

The Advanced Composites Group offers two highly flexible heating systems for use in aerospace composite products. Our capabilities allow us to design and build heaters for use with aerospace composite and metal tooling and end use products. TACG uses CAD design to fabricate heaters for the required size and watt densities of the job. Our pre-fabricated heaters are first built in CAD and then manufactured with CNC equipment for accuracy. The film heater is a hand constructed heating system designed for layup and cure within a composite product or tool. Both heating systems are capable of being embedded in composite tools and parts during construction. They are also capable of adhering to metal surfaces with proper layup and cure.

Our capabilities allow us to build one-off heaters for a single project or supply you with large volume quantities for OEM production. All of our heaters are produced in compliance with NEC, UL and OSHA standards.