Aero Lightning Strike Protection

About Lightning
Strike Protection

Aircraft, automotive, and wind energy structures have increasingly required the use of composite materials. For Lightening to Composite materials, expanded metal provides excellent protection. Although these materials provide many advantages, such as weight reduction, they do not effectively channel the electrical currents that are produced by lightning strikes. When Composite structures are subject to lightning strikes, they require a solution that channels the electric currents that are produced by the lightning. Micromesh LSPTM from The Advanced Composites Group is embedded into composite structures to provide a channel for electric current to protect structures from lightning to composite strikes.

Compared to traditional metal, the use of composites is becoming more popular due to cost. Although composite structures are more vulnerable to lightning damage, expanded metal mesh now offers proven protection against these strikes. The Advanced Composites Group offers a variety of expanded mesh foils to manufacturers for lightning strike protection for composite structures such as:

  • Wind turbines
  • Private and personal aircraft
  • General aviation aircraft
  • Oil, gas and petroleum storage.
  • Pipelines

By providing adequate conductive paths, expanded mesh foils ensure the lightning current remains on the structure’s exterior and does not enter the inside.

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