Heated Tools

About Heated Tools

Manufacturing with consistency is a primary challenge for all composite manufacturers. The addition of heat to a new tool or existing tool can bring numerous benefits that help or resolve many of the challenges facing manufacturers. Heated tools can provide the following benefits:


  • More parts produced per day from each tool
  • Higher consistency of part quality when produced at specific temperatures
  • Elevated temperatures to increase the rate of production from each tool
  • Higher mold temperatures allow for a wider selection of resin and catalysts for use in manufacturing parts
  • Use of heat cured chemistries such as BPO catalyst and etc.
  • Elevated temperatures of existing tools used in an oven or autoclave to balance temperatures of the mold.
  • Addition of heat to a section of a tool to balance the exotherm temperatures. The heater can be used to increase the temperature of a thinner mold section to balance the exotherm created by thick sections.


Our heaters are very thin and can be used in low profile tools that need rapid cooling after heating.


Our heaters are designed, tested and packaged for your tool builders to install as easy as possible. We provide all the necessary data from each heater for your records.

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