Commercial / General Industry

T he Advanced Composites group heating system offers new possibilities for composite manufacturers to innovate new products, decrease manufacturing time, and increase the bottom line. Our new heating system is designed to do what others cannot, which is to fully integrate within a composites laminates. This capability gives manufacturers numerous new possibilities including:

• Heated composites sold to the marketplace that were not possible before
• Heating of composite molds through interlaminar heating to speed production and reduce labor hours

All of the heaters we build are compatible with nearly all composite manufacturing processes including:

  • Compression molding
  • Open molding
  • Vacuum bag
  • RTM
  • Oven and Autoclave cure
  • Many other common processes

We build our heaters using the best CAD design and automated equipment, ensuring a reliable product. Our heaters are packaged and shipped to allow for you to easily integrate them into your process.

Every heater built complies with the necessary design requirements for an electrical device. Depending upon where your heater is to be used, compliance with NEC, UL or other regulatory agencies is designed into each heater.


Heated Molds

Heated Products