Heated Metal Molds

About Heated Metal Molds

The Advanced Composites Group heating system is capable of being attached to metal molds surfaces. TACG heaters can enhance metal mold heating to accomplish important tasks such as:


  • Heat curing of laminates. Including 300F+ temperatures
  • Elevated temperatures of metal molds
  • Heat sections of metal molds lagging behind in temperature to maintain part consistency
  • Gentle heating of metal mold surface to allow for tack in applying prepreg laminates
  • Assist metal molds in the autoclave or oven to maintain part consistency


Adhesion of the heater to metal mold surfaces can be performed in various ways. The end use of the metal mold will dictate the method of attachment. Factors such as the metal material, max temperature and the thickness of the mold being heated will all need to be known. We can assist you in selecting the proper adhesion materials or provide them for you.

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