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Approved Composite

The Advanced Composites Group heating system manufacturers the only composite based heating system for use in composite products that  recognized by UL. Our advantage is to enable new never before seen heated product to be sold to the market and to improve the design and efficiency of current heaters. The Advanced Composites Group heaters carry the Recognized Component approval by UL. This approval is important and allows you to design our heaters into your new or existing products and carry the UL mark. The approval of UL is required for nearly all devices that are powered by electricity and sold to consumers. If you have any questions or would like to discuss integration please contact us. We will answer your questions, maintain strict confidentiality and assist you in the pathway for the approval of a new device.
The advantage of our heaters will enable you to build never before seen heated product and to improve the design and efficiency of current heaters. Below is a short list of products that can be built using the new heating:
Embedded in-ground heaters
  1. Asphalt roadways and bridges. Large span capabilities
  2. Concrete roadways. Large span capabilities
  3. Residential driveways
  4. Sidewalks
  5. Pedestrian walkways/bridges
Radiant Panels
  1. 2’x4’ and 2’x2’ Drop ceiling panels for T-bar grid system
  2. Heated decorative ceiling and wall panels
  3. 4’ x 8’ panels for manufactured homes, utility rooms, RV’s and etc.
  4. Below 6’ mounting in house or workplace radiant heaters
  5. Habitat heaters. Pets and etc.
Liquid Heating Products
  1. Above and below ground storage heating
  2. Above and below ground composite tank storage anti-icing
  3. Heated composite pipe for utility or anti/de-ice
  4. Tote’s, barrel, drum heaters
Food Service
  1. Farming and agriculture equipment
  2. Food storage and handling equipment
  3. Heated liquid storage and processing equipment
  4. Restaurant service products
Pool product heaters
  1. Spa and Pool Heaters OEM
  2. Heated pool covers – anti-freezing
  3. Aquarium and habitat heating
  4. Underwater heating capability using natural electrical insulative properties of composites
  5. Shower and tub heaters.
Pultruded Products
  1. Pipe – oil and gas industry
  2. Rails, I-beams, box beams and etc.
  3. Bracing and brackets – deicing of tank mounts, wind energy equipment and etc.
Mold heaters
  1. General fiberglass molds
  2. Low-temperature process heating
  3. High-temperature curing
  4. Out of Autoclave curing
  5. Metal and composite assist heating
  6. Post-cure heating
Radiant Floor Heaters
  1. Panels for embedding under flooring. Capable of being used under all floor types
  2. General warming or radiant space heating ability
Mirror Heaters
  1. 120VAC for residential or commercial properties
  2. 12VDC for automotive or aerospace
  3. OEM heating applications
Roof and Eve anti-icing
  1. Embed underneath roof tile
  2. Superior design efficiency
  3. All gutter and joint heaters
  4. Pultruded gutter products
  5. Satellite dish anti-icing
Surface mounted anti-icing
  1. Sidewalk panels – EPDM rubber coated
  2. Stair sets
  3. Driveway panels
Heated chairs and furniture
  1. Outdoor heated chairs for poolside
  2. Medical purposes
  3. Therapeutic
  4. Kitchen countertops and other niche items
  5. Luxury items – towel warmers and etc.

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